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The Book's Preface

     The creation of The Prosperity Advisor incorporates the knowledge accumulated during a 20-year period of research, testing and simplification of processes. Within this period of time I created three prior advisory systems. The first was a 363 card system called Dragamon. For me the amazing thing about this system was that it worked better than I had hoped. The system’s drawback was that it had 363 cards. Production of such a system was cost prohibitive, and though I did receive encouragement to develop Dragamon for public use the cost hurdle was just too great an obstacle to overcome.

    The second system was modeled after Dragamon. It too had 363 cards. The main difference between the two systems was that the second was designed to forecast the future by examining the karma of a person’s past lives. The system was structured to apply the individual’s karmic past to their present day situation. During the development of the Past Lives deck I went through a fascinating examination of various human cultures. The deck’s objective was to not only read the future, but to also indicate the past lives that brought the issue to importance. I even created a method for which future lives could come forth within a spread. Unfortunately, the Past Lives deck was a failure. One of my main focuses in developing any advisory system is to bring what is abstract by its nature to a state of being concrete. It is always my goal that a system be easy to use and understand. The Past Lives deck just did not do that. Whereas Dragamon succeeded in providing easy-to-understand recommendations, the Past Lives deck seemed to muddy the water of an issue even further.

    For the third system I switched gears and decided to use dice as the mechanism for creating a reading. Like Dragamon it worked quite well. With it I had solved the problem of Dragamon’s bulky card deck. Little else about the system was new.

    The desire to create Dragamon happened about 15 years prior to its actual development. Right after high school a friend of a friend read my Tarot cards. I was such a novice at the time of the reading, I could not even think of a question to ask, so the reading was just open-ended, without any question.

    To my surprise the reader told me I would be getting a new job within a few weeks. At the time the information interested me, but I gave it no importance as I already had a job I liked. However, within a week I was called by the county road department and informed I was being hired as an engineering aide. During the card reading I somehow forgot I had even applied for the job. Probably because once interviewed, I just figured there was no chance of getting the position, so I erased the event from my memory.

    That foretelling of my surveying job sparked a desire in me to replicate the ability to forecast the future with Tarot cards. For several years I tried, but never achieved any form of success. For me Tarot cards are just too abstract. I wanted A to always be A, and not sometimes B, or even C. So in 1989 I developed the Dragamon deck.

    Upon first experimentation with Dragamon I was immediately thrilled with the solidification of thoughts the deck performed. However, as I used the system two new problems presented themselves to me. The first was that at times the deck would pull a positive card where there was a negative position, or a negative card for a positive position. When this happened it always confused me, and because of this confusion I partially invalidated the reading.

    The second problem was that no matter what the reading said my future would be, I just did not believe it. This mindset lead me to ignore the need to carry out any suggestions the cards made on my behalf. This was a major shortcoming within me, for I knew the readings were providing accurate information. Often I reread the tally sheets months later, at which time I realized that both information about my future and wise advice were being given. The problem was with me and my habit of not being willing to follow the wisdom of the cards, and not that the system was malfunctioning. This dilemma posed an obstacle for me, one to which I had no immediate solution.

    During the last three decades, corporate outsourcing to nations offering near slave labor and the computerization of jobs have pushed the American work force into the threshold of job insecurity and coerced poverty. In this case poverty is defined as working a full-time job, yet not being able to provide the basics required for existence. This situation has touched me personally, and has caused me to scrutinize the effects of capitalism. I both love and honor the concept behind the American dream. It does still exist, more so in the national memory than reality. Yet many people do succeed financially, especially if they have a college degree which categorizes them as a professional. Without that a person needs to possess the genius of a Thomas Edison, hustle of a Benjamin Franklin and luck of a lottery winner in order to gain the same success one wage earner was able to provide during the 1970’s. So in reality the American dream is evaporating. It is this awareness that inspired me to create an advisory system which focuses on the financial aspects of a person’s life.

    I knew such a tool would be of value to those looking for work, those who had the entrepreneur spirit for new ventures, and for the hundreds of other commercial possibilities a person encounters in their life. I contemplated this idea for nearly two years before actually starting the development of The Prosperity Advisor.

    Having run a business for most of my life I had a fair amount of knowledge about economic subjects. Yet not enough, so I read several books on various aspects of business. With the information I learned about communications, entrepreneurship, goal setting, employee/employer situations, and a variety of other business knowledge I was able to develop the 13 Houses within The Prosperity Advisor.

    I knew how to create a functioning advisory system, but I still had the two problems of receiving what felt like the wrong message for a particular position within a spread, and not trusting the future that was coming from a reading.

    For the problem of the wrong message being received I developed an additional process of clarification. The position called “Forces” was created to provide the power, or the energy, behind the message. In my first reading with The Prosperity Advisor I used the “New Idea” spread and for the question of “What strengths do you possess that will help this idea?” I received, “Your sadness is affecting your performance.” Now sadness is not exactly a strength in my mind, so I threw the dice to get the Force for the element. I received “Survival ~ Continuance ~ Endurance”.

    This made me realize I was just going through a tough time. The Force confirmed the truth that at that moment things were unavoidably difficult for me. The strength was in grasping the concept that a person can use hard times to create an engine that pushes them toward achievement. Problems often have that effect on me. When I broke my elbow in 1993, the doctor told me I would never regain total mobility. I just could not accept his physical evidence, so I invented my own therapeutic device. Within a short period of time I did regain my arm’s mobility. For years I have known that advancements often come when difficulties are vanquished. As an explanatory tool, Forces have proved to be productive in delivering a clearer understanding of the message’s intention.

    The solution of distrusting Dragamon’s prediction for the future came after a vast amount of contemplation on the subject. I finally realized I preferred, and needed, wise counsel over a pending tomorrow. In other words what I conceived to be necessary was guidance, not the awareness of an unmovable future.

    With this in mind I eliminated the concept of telling the future from The Prosperity Advisor. I just took it out of the mix. I deduced that by excluding the fortune- telling aspect of a reading it would actually strengthen the recommendations given. I figured if the only reason to perform a reading was to receive prudent counsel, then the suggestions made would more often be implemented. After all what good is advice if you are not going to heed at least some of the directives? Indeed, The Prosperity Advisor’s emphasis on the message has proved to spur the receiver toward both quicker and more confident action.

    It is my hope that those who use The Prosperity Advisor find it useful in all of their business ventures. Whether it is used to decide on how to invest money, what career to perfect, which ideas will be productive, or any other issue of a monetary concern, this tool will help you if used as designed. It is not going to do the work for you, but it will show you the work that needs to be done in order to succeed.

    My aspiration in the development of The Prosperity Advisor was to create a tool with the power to bring inner knowledge to a person’s consciousness. The aim is to create a conversation within a person that could be contemplated, and then enacted. This is the ultimate goal of The Prosperity Advisor.

    The reason I named the system The Prosperity Advisor is not to promise you wealth, but the desire to bring forth a tool dedicated to helping in the attainment of your prosperity. Whether it is achieved will depend on you and the various factors involved in your movement toward success. I am a firm believer that the harder a person tries the greater the chance their effort will bring abundance. I personally desire everyone to be prosperous but know that currently populace wealth is just not the way of human society. This is why well-advised counsel is of such great importance. What is needed are suggestions you know and trust to always be in your own best interest. And who is more in your corner than your own inner voice and intuition?

    The Prosperity Advisor has 504 consultive statements, and 120 Forces. There are 13 Houses within the system. Twelve of the 13 Houses are divided into two subsections with 20 sayings in each subsection. The 13th House has only 24 sayings instead of the normal 40. A reading in which the majority of advice comes from the 13th House, the House of Windfalls, is a blessing for it contains only favorable statements.

    The mechanics of The Prosperity Advisor are important, but not as valuable as the likelihood the system will give insightful advice that will aid in the betterment of the reader’s life. For me this is the noblest reward I can receive from the creation of The Prosperity Advisor. So to your success, I leave you this tool of economic empowerment.

Pippin Lowe




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