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New Brainstorming Tool Brings Solutions To Those Suffering Economic Challenges

     FAYETTEVILLE, Arkansas (June 16, 2011) - Providing guidance to those having financial or work-related difficulties was Pippin Lowe’s reason for developing The Prosperity Advisor. Empowering the individual with new insights into their own situation is her method of helping them solve their dilemma.

     The Prosperity Advisor system involves the process of an individual asking a question about a current work or fiscal issue they are experiencing. Their question is divided into several well-focused sub-questions which then go through The Prosperity Advisor’s method of acquiring tactical recommendations. “By providing an intelligent awareness to each sub-question an overall picture of the situation begins to emerge,” said Pippin. “It is through this exploration of the issue that a path toward resolution takes form.”

     The array of issues The Prosperity Advisor can help resolve includes all aspects within the work place, as well as a variety of financial issues. Whether a person is looking for a job or trying to make an expansion decision The Prosperity Advisor has the ability to provide wise counsel. Entrepreneurs find the system helpful in its ability both to provide perceptions about the worth of a new idea, and to compare one idea against another.

     The Prosperity Advisor does not lay out the future like a fortune-telling system would. Instead it points the individual in the best direction to help their position. “I purposely shied away from creating a system that seems to take away the person’s power to respond,” said Pippin. “In my opinion knowing the future strips away the desire to act. It creates a situation where you either don’t try as hard, because you think you have it made; or you do nothing, because you believe that no matter what action you take your predicament will not get better.”

     The Prosperity Advisor is a brainstorming tool designed to help the individual discover key elements about their own plight. Such a tool is essential in a world where banks and other large corporations have transformed into entities “too big to fail”, while the individual becomes too small to succeed.

     Although The Prosperity Advisor is not a magic pill, it is a pill with some magic in it. The system provides insights that can be used to view then analyze the issue. By creating an understanding of the current difficulty an actionable plan for success can be introduced.


Pippin Lowe, The Prosperity Advisor



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