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The Book's Layouts


     There are four layouts provided in The Prosperity Advisor. These are:

     General Question - This layout is the shortest and designed to help you figure out the foundation of your issue. Use this layout either when the issue you are inquiring about does not fall within the realm of another layout, or when you do not have the time to perform a more detailed reading.

     The Realization Of A New Idea, Business, Invention, Project Or Venture - This layout is to be used when you want to explore the feasibility of a new opportunity.

     Correcting A Difficult Situation - Use this layout when things are not proceeding as you would desire. In general, it is best to use this layout when the situation has turned either physically or emotionally for the worse.

     Multiple Options - The fork in the road often throws us off our game. It can be difficult to analyze a situation where more than one option is present. This layout is designed to examine more than one possibility. It will provide the information needed so that a sound decision can be reached. Each variable within the issue will have its own “Option” page. At the bottom of each page is the word which identifies that page. The beginning page says “First”, the option page says “Option”, and the ending page says “Last”. If you have three choices to decide from, you will need three “Option” pages. At the top of the “Option” page is an area where you can write which choice the page represents.



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