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Understanding The System

    What makes The Prosperity Advisor unique is its ability to take a financial or work issue you are currently having, break it down into specific inquiries and then provide insightful counsel for each of those queries. This process is achieved by throwing three dice which in combination creates a code. Each dice throw could result in one of over 500 different possible codes. Each code corresponds to a specific piece of advice.

    There are three equal elements involved in each throw of an issues reading:
        • The particular question being asked
        • The energy of the person throwing the dice
        • The advice the code indicates within The Prosperity Advisor

    Each reading will provide the background to your issue, make suggestions as to what your best course of action should be, but will never indicate the outcome to your situation. The Prosperity Advisor is not a fortune-telling system. Extra effort was taken to design the system so that the future would be kept a mystery. The reasoning behind the desire to keep the future unknown is so your action will not be slowed. When the future is perceived to be in the past, meaning nothing can be changed to alter destiny, then either a defeated or superior attitude arises. This often results in less action being attempted. Think about it, would you work as hard if you thought your path to success was assured? Or on the other hand, would you try at all if you thought there was no hope of improvement? Therein lies the downfall of a fortune-telling system. The Prosperity Advisor is designed to give guidance which stimulates ideas you can act on to improve your situation. If anything it is more of a brainstorming tool than an oracle.

What Makes The Prosperity Advisor Special?

    Every major aspect of business and work has been addressed within The Prosperity Advisor. There are twelve regular houses with forty elements of advice within each. A thirteenth house, Windfalls, is special in both the way it affects a reading and in the way it is generated by the dice.

    The twelve regular houses are:
        • Events
        • Tasks
        • Family/Friends/Co-Workers
        • Enemies
        • Strangers
        • Grapevine
        • Goals
        • Finances
        • Skills
        • Frustrations
        • Adventure
        • Business

    Each of the twelve houses has a balance of both positive and negative elements of advice. Besides having over 500 uniquely designed statements, The Prosperity Advisor has four layouts. Each layout has a particular emphasis on a specific kind of issue.

    The focus of these layouts are:
        • General issue
        • Advice on a new idea or venture
        • Exploring multiple options to determine the best one
        • Getting counsel on how to correct a difficult situation

    For the most part these four layouts will handle every issue you may have, however one of the main functions of our internet forum is to allow users a space where they can expand upon and analyze the system. You can download, free of charge, the PDF versions of each layout.

Clarification On Misunderstood Advice

    One of the extraordinary aspects within The Prosperity Advisor system is its method for obtaining additional insight on a particular question within a layout which comes up with a statement that is not understood. This clarification of the advice given is accomplished by determining what physical energy is powering that particular statement.

    In general, The Prosperity Advisor separates your issue into small segments, then brings forth actionable suggestions for each section. The process of carrying out a reading will help you solve your situation, while it strengthens your resolve to act on the new ideas that emerge.



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